What mobile apps are free for Myanmar citizens in 2022?

Recently, the people of Myanmar have been fighting to defend their human rights after the military deposed their democratically-elected government and seized power on Feb. 1. In the weeks since military forces have killed over 250 peaceful protesters and illegally detained over 2,500.

What apps are free for Myanmar citizens in 2020?

In the fight for freedom and democracy, secure communications are critical. ProtonMail is free for everyone, encrypted, and recommended by the UN for documenting human rights abuses in Myanmar.

The people of Myanmar have also turned to ProtonVPN to get around internet blocks and report the truth, leading to a 25,000% increase in sign-ups.

We are proud to provide free services to free for Myanmar citizens in their struggle for freedom. If you are an activist organization in Myanmar that could benefit from a paid Proton plan, please contact us at advocacy@protonmail.com.

Cloud Industry is supporting Myanmar citizens with free hosting.
Contact us for more information.

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