How to implement a Google review for WordPress in 2021

How to implement a Google review for WordPress in 2021

How to implement a Google review for WordPress in 2021

Do you want to know how to implement a Google review widget?

Consider this example – You are looking for a spa service online and shortlist one in your locality. What is the first thing that you would do? To immediately pick up the phone and check out reviews about that spa on Google. 

This is what every person does. Google reviews are the reviews that you see on the Google my business page whenever you search. 

Embedding Google Review Widget on your website can do wonders for your business. 

If you are a business/ brand and not utilizing the power of reviews to upscale your business, then you surely are missing out on boosting your business and sales. 

Importance Of Google Reviews For Any Business

Surveys suggest that 6 out of 10 people check out Google reviews before purchasing a product. These statistics clearly show that reviews are much needed for your business and can drastically help your business grow and reach the pinnacle of success. 

1. Better The Reviews, Higher The Ranking On Search Engine

If you are doing well and have multiple good reviews about your brand/business from your customers, then there is good news for you! 

Google always displays the businesses with maximum stars higher on the page as compared to other businesses. 

However, to get good reviews you need to actively engage with your customers and encourage them to review your business. It doesn’t matter if they don’t give you 5 stars all the time. 

The sooner and more you get reviews, the better it would be for your business. 

2. Boost The Click-Through Rate

Displaying your star rating next to your business on the search engine increases your click-through rate drastically. 

Since good Google reviews create excitement within customers for your brand, they are immediately compelled to click on the website to check your products or services. 

3. User-Generated Content 

User-Generated Content is unbiased since it is created by the customers. Customers read the reviews and trust other customers more.

Whenever you publish a blog from the brand’s side, there may be a chance that the content is biased and from the perspective of the brand. 

User-Generated Content is the most genuine form of content created by the customers and it helps other customers to connect with the brand better. 



Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Your Website


1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best platform to efficiently collect, curate, and embed Google Reviews Widget on your website. 

Apart from that, Tagembed also offers a customization feature using which the users can effectively customize the widget using themes, layouts, colors, fonts, and other branding options. With the moderation panel, users can monitor the content of utmost quality and remove any unwanted reviews using the profanity filter and maintain the content quality. 

As we are all aware, analyzing how the widget is performing is extremely important too. Tagembed offers the option to analyze the performance of the widget on your website. Using analytics, you can see the total impressions, number of clicks, total visitors, and other crucial details. 

Tagembed has integration with multiple website-building platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. 

2. Elfsight

Another good tool to embed Google reviews on your website is Elfsight. The tool effectively does the needful by collecting and curating google reviews and embeds them on the website in the form of a widget.

How to implement a Google review for WordPress in 2021

Elfsight offers 6 layout options to select from and you can set the width and height as per your convenience. Elfsight offers 3 templates using which you can make the widget look more attractive and stand out. 

3. Embed Social

Embed Social is a tool using which you can collect User Generated Content automatically and embed it on the website.

How to implement a Google review for WordPress in 2021

Apart from Google, you can collect reviews from Facebook, Twitter, and various other platforms too. This tool is highly useful and customizable too. 




Wrapping It Up

Reviews showcase how people connect with your brand. Good reviews can be extremely useful for your brand and embedding the Google reviews widget on your website can tremendously increase your engagement, build faith in potential customers, build social proof for the brand, increase their brand awareness, visibility and value all at the same time! 

Customer reviews are like the representation of a brand image. They have the power to break or make a company. Even if the review is negative, you will get a clear picture of the scope of improvement of your company, the product or service which people did not like, and work towards its improvement.

Embedding reviews on the website creates trust, demonstrates integrity, showcases integrity, and more. 

In short, reviews are of great importance to your brand’s business. 

If your business takes embedding google reviews on the website into consideration then the brand can considerably increase traffic on your website as well as offline in the business store. 

To unlock the possibilities for the success of your brand can be done easily by embedding Google Reviews on your website.


Using Google Review Widget To Guarantee Social Proof

Google Review Widget is an effective marketing tool to promote any product or service. This little widget is very useful for online businesses. If you read any negative review, immediate action must be taken and it must be reported as bad reviews have the potential to ruin the entire online business. Embedding Google Review Widget on your website is a wise move to gain more exposure, and is very simple to do. There are free and paid versions of this widget, so depending upon your budget you can choose the best option.



Reviews from customers are considered very important while providing ranking. The Google Review Widget comes with two options, which are free and paid. It comes with one or two stars ratings. The higher the star rating the better will be your position in the search results. Positive reviews will give you a good amount of visibility in the search results, so if you are able to generate a lot of positive reviews it is advisable to use Google Review Widget. This will also attract a good number of customers, which will result in more revenue.


One of the advantages of using Google Review Widget is that it will help you in maintaining your reputation in the industry. This easy-to-use widget comes with professional review management features. This type of widget has an extensive database that will allow the customers to sort out all their queries by different categories. The second type of review software plugin comes with more advanced features.


This WordPress plugin is easy to install, simple to use, effective, and easy to customize. This is the best way to provide more satisfaction to the customers and increase your customer service score. Google Review Widget is an affordable option compared to other SEO packages offered in the market. With this widget, you are in a better position to cater to the various needs of the customers. This widget is capable of providing the most current information regarding your products and services to the customers.


You can monitor the effectiveness of your website or provide the latest information to potential customers. Google Review Widget helps increase your business profitability. You can even use this SEO software as a means to help increase your clientele base. You can reach a wider range of customers and convert them into loyal and regular clients.


Reviews given by users on various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to convince people about what you offer in your business. However, it is important for companies to write reviews themselves as this will provide more credibility to their businesses. This SEO software allows you to write reviews and comments about your business on social networking sites. Google Review Widget can help increase the amount of social proof provided to your customers, which in turn helps to increase your trust ratings.


If you want to gain the trust of your customers then you need to provide them with good reviews and comments on your online business. This Google Review Widget is capable of providing you with good reviews and comments regarding your products and services. Moreover, this widget is also capable of providing you with positive ones as well. This product also provides you with the power of managing your reviews, feedbacks and other related data using the various analytical reports provided by this product.


A good review can boost up your image among your customers. This is because positive reviews written by users about your products and services provide your brand the credibility it requires to rise in the business world. To sum up, Google Review Widget not only enhances user-generated content but also provides your brand with all the tools it requires to successfully increase your brand trust amongst your customers


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