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Cloud Industry is an expert eCommerce consultancy offering specialised eCommerce services to clients worldwide. We are small team focused on helping brands to increase their sales with WooCommerce and Shopify. 

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We are first working on strong development strategy that fits your needs and connect your buissines to worldwide market. Want to know more?



Building hub for your buissines needs that generate and automatise your digital eCommerce. 


Cloud Industry helps you boost your eCommerce with marketing and management. Helping you to smarter and more by increasing revenue.

Innovation in online sales and eCommerce

Winners of global digitization megatrend race are innovators. So we focus on building cutting edge innovative technologies using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that help your business to sell better, faster and smarter. Achieving to increase sales up to 1300% for 3 months of implementing our technology. Find out how

Cutting Edge in eCommerce

Mobile user experience refers to the design of positive experiences during the use of mobile devices, tablets, wearables, and applications. Mobile users engage with their devices at crucial moments and only for short periods.

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Effective Marketing

Ensures that you deliver the right User Experience to the right customer. Designers must prioritise the elements of the website that are most important to create a strong base to work from

Your eCommerce with omni channels 

Our Creative team ensures that your product, service or brand message is delivered with right user experience. Designers are prioritising the elements of the project that are most important to create a strong base to work from

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