The 20 best Plesk Extensions in 2022

It is time to get on Plesk, Which is lately starting to be excellent in hosting features and as a hosting platform. And with even more extended features, Plesk provides currently most seamless server and hosting administration platform. And what are 20 best Plesk extensions in 2022

According to their extension documentation, with please, you are able to build anything you need for the hosting environment.

Plesk is especially unique for its large selection of Operating Systems; if you want to run Plesk via Linux, Windows, or Docker container, whatever your set-up requires, this control panel is for you.

Plesk has recently put a lot of time into their now 100+ extensions, with more added often. Let’s highlight some of our favorite Plesk extensions that enhance all aspects of your operations.


What are 20 Best Plesk Extensions in 2022?


For Website performance: Speed Kit
57% of visitors will leave if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. Time is money online. The Speed Kit can help you find and fix performance bottlenecks to boost your website’s performance and avoid any lost revenue. As soon as you install the extension, it analyzes all your Plesk websites. The Speed Kit then creates a performance report and captures the loading process on video, as seen below.

For Software update and security: Kernelcare
KernelCare puts an end to rebooting servers by installing patches and bug fixes to your running server without impacting performance. KernelCare checks for new security updates every four hours and then takes nanoseconds to install these patches to provide you a more secure Linux server. This frees up your IT department, with no more planning coordinated, scheduled downtime with your customers. For more on the benefits of KernelCare, click here.

For Search Engine Optimization: SEO Toolkit
Improve your search engine rankings the easy way with SEO Toolkit; this advisor helps you test, analyze, and monitor not only your keywords but your competitors as well. Run a site audit to make sure your URLs are in order, inspect bot activity, and dive into how visible you are to your potential clients.

For WordPress administration: WordPress ToolKit
Everyone knows WordPress and everyone knows what is best Plesk extensions for WordPress Management.  42% of all online stores run on top of WordPress. This toolkit is a beefed-up version of WordPress, allowing server admins and customers to manage their WordPress instances. Features include:

  • Cloning existing WordPress installs
  • Staging environment
  • Syncing data between WordPress instances
  • Full security check
  • NGINX caching
  • Automatically update WordPress software, plugins, and themes

Joomla and Drupal Tool Kits are also available.

For Backups: Acronis
Best Plesk extensions to backup your server data is the Acronis Backup extension, both a reliable cloud backup for Plesk servers and a self-service recovery system. The extension performs quick, backups that reduce demand on the server and the network. Hosting companies can use this extension as well to offer backup to all their customers easily.

For Mail: Kaspersky Antivirus for Servers
Protect your mail server against threats with Kaspersky. This extension scans all incoming and outgoing mail on your server, removes dangerous code from your messages, and automatically updates virus signatures.

For Protection: VARITI DDoS
60,000 sites are hacked every day. Stay secure with VARITI DDoS protection extension. The extension lets all incoming traffic of the website pass through a distributed network of VARITI filtering nodes. This traffic is analyzed in real-time and is classified as legitimate or illegitimate. Upon detection of a threat, the active bot protection immediately blocks this traffic with a response time of less than 50 ms.

For Docker Integration: Docker
Docker is a platform for developers who run applications in containers. It enables you to use specific software that may not be supported by your OS. 30% of IT companies currently use Docker. Docker is available as a Plesk extension so you can run and manage containers based on specific Docker images. Plesk features a catalog of over 200,000 Docker images, which allows you to launch Docker images straight from Plesk, no command line needed. Check it out:

For Git Integration: Gitmain
One of the best 20 Plesk extensions is apart from other web control panels because they offer Git support. Git is a popular version control system known for speed, data integrity, and the ability for distributed, non-linear workflows. 70% of developers use git as the primary source management solution. Gitmain provides “push-to-deploy” functionality for websites running on Plesk versions up to 12.5.
Feature Packs
Lastly, Plesk offers feature packs, which are targeted solutions with bundled extensions. Let’s take the Power Pack for instance, which includes:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus for 5 mailboxes
  • Docker Remote Node Management
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Smarter Mail Remote Control
  • Apache Tomcat
  • PostgreSQL and MSSQL management modules
  • Web Presence Builder 10 sites

So in the end you can tell us your impression and what are 20 best Plesk extensions
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