Best Plugins for Cpanel and WHM in 2022 (UPDATED)

Best Plugins for Cpanel and Best WHM Plugins in 2022 (UPDATED)

WHM/cPanel is the most popular Linux control panel for hosting providers. This powerful software can be integrated with many plugins which come from cPanel Inc or 3rd party provider, and there are some extremely useful Plugins available that can make certain system administration tasks more manageable.


Anti-virus protection integrated into cPanel/WHM. You can use this to scan the home directory, mail, public_html, and public_ftp folder for each account.

cPanel > Manage Plugins > Check Clamv Connector > Save


A networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends

cPanel > Manage Plugins > tick ‘Munin’ > Save

ConfigServer – Security & Firewall aka “CSF”
When administering your own server, the most important thing aside from everything running smoothly is server security. As far as software-based firewalls for cPanel/WHM go, CSF is almost a default standard for locking down your cPanel/WHM server and is both extremely intuitive and powerful allowing you to set some very tough restrictions.


The next best plugins for Cpanel and best WHM plugins in 2022 are

ConfigServer Mail Manage

The plugin provides you with an interface for the cPanel user email accounts configuration, without having to perform a login to their accounts.


ConfigServer Mail Queues

The plugin provides you with a full-featured interface for controlling the cPanel Exim email queues within WHM.

ConfigServer – Explorer

The plugin provides you with a full-featured File system explorer and a Virtual Console to use within your web browser in WHM.

Clean Backups

Clean Backups is a Free cPanel backup script that allows avoiding removal of backups for terminated accounts, saving these backups on the backup drive up to removal by the administrator.


ConfigServer ModSecurity Control

The plugin provides you with an interface for the cPanel mod_security implementation from within WHM.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS)

The plugin provides full protection from exploitation by scanning files each time they’re uploaded to the server, including the following scenarios:
Actively on all file uploads within user accounts using the CXS Watch daemon regardless of how they were uploaded

PHP upload scripts (via a mod_security or Suhosin hook)
Perl upload scripts (via a mod_security hook)
CGI upload scripts (via a mod_security hook)

Any other web script type that utilizes the HTML form enctype multipart/form-data (via a mod_security hook)

ConfigServer Security&Firewall
A Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login/Intrusion Detection, and Security application for Linux servers.

Domains Statistics
This plugin gives you the ability to get organized information about the domains that are hosted on your server.


Some other best plugins for Cpanel and best when plugins in 2021

Google Apps Wizard

The cPanel end user doesn’t need any prior knowledge of DNS records management in order to work with this tool.

Installatron Applications Installer
Installatron is a developed provider for web application automation Installation cPanel plugin.

Restore Manager

This plugin allows cPanel users to easily self-restore individual database and domain files directly from the server backup folders, without downloading the whole account backup.

Network Data Center Host, Inc (NDC Host)

Account DNS Check

Description: This plugin gives administrators the ability to easily get a list of domains on their cPanel/WHM server that do not resolve to the correct IP


Nginx Admin

Nginx Admin is a cPanel Nginx integration plugin. This plugin will increase your server performance and decrease server loads caused by apache.

Nginx is the fastest web server in the world. Nginx is known for its high performance and low resource. Many enterprises, such as WordPress and Comodo, already switched to Nginx as it proves to be the most powerful web server on the planet.
Nginx will work as a front-end reverse proxy of your cPanel server along with apache. Which will increase the performance

The best thing is – it is FREE! Yes, no tricks or whatever.




Description: Auto installer that can help you install 200++ web applications with a single click

Description: Install, update, and uninstall addons. Addons in cPanel terms are applications that work with cPanel to perform useful functions for users’ websites. Examples of these applications include bulletin boards, online shopping carts, and weblogs

How to install: Login to WHM > cPanel > Install cPAddons > tick all checkboxes > tick ‘Force Refresh of All cPAddon Sources’ > Update Addon Config

Ruby on Rails
Description: Open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language

How to install: Login to the server via SSH/console as root and execute the following lines:

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