12 best WordPress hosting companies in 2021

best WordPress hosting companies

Choosing the right hosting service provider is one of the most crucial steps when you are building a WordPress website. The choice of hosting service plays a big role in different aspects of your site such as page load speed, search engine ranking, user experience, etc. So, choosing the most suitable WordPress hosting service is especially important for a site owner. When you start looking at hosting services, you will see there are numerous options available ranging from shared, dedicated, managed, etc. Picking one among the lot could be a tedious task for many. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress hosting services that you can choose for your website.

Minimum requirements to run WordPress

WordPress recommends certain minimum requirements that your hosting service should support to run your WordPress site smoothly. These are:

  • PHP 7.3 or any versions after that.
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater, OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater.
  • Support for HTTPS

WordPress also recommends the use of Apache or Nginx servers, as both of them offer rich features.

So, one of the first steps that you can do before choosing a hosting service provider is to ask them if they support these recommendations by WordPress. You can also enquire about the safety precautions that they take to protect your website.

Best WordPress hosting providers

Now, let’s see the features of some of the best WordPress hosting providers.


With state-of-the-art technology and dependable support, Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hosting services available. They have a fully managed WordPress hosting option, which ensures that your WordPress website will be running smoothly. Kinsta will ensure that your site has the best security features to prevent hacking attempts and other threats. Moreover, you will get daily backups that will help you recover your site easily in case of a security breach. You will also be able to get the best page load speed for your site, and thanks to that better search engine ranking as well.

Unlike many other hosting services, Kinsta offers premium features in all their plans right from the Starter plan.

The most important point to choose a service like Kinsta will be that you don’t have to worry about a lot of site maintenance. They will ensure that your site is continuously running and provide the right amount of resources for steady growth. In addition, you will find a range of advanced features that you will be able to choose based on your technical skills. Whenever you need support, you will get the service from a bunch of experts who are skilled to handle diverse situations.


  • Centralized dashboard where you can access all the necessary tools to monitor your site and make required modifications.
  • Track several important metrics of your site including visitors, data usage, and response times.
  • Assists efficiently to handle different aspects of your WordPress site.
  • Add users and allow selective access to your site with varying capabilities.

For single WordPress installs with up to 20000 visitors per month, you can use the Starter pack that will cost you $30 per month. There are different plans available that you can choose according to your requirements.


Cloudways provides awesome managed WordPress hosting services that will enable you to create an optimized WordPress site. Your website will be continuously online and will be performing at its best thanks to the range of hosting plans that they offer. You can find a managed WordPress hosting service for different types of websites from blogging sites to large business sites.

Superior infrastructure and dedicated support ensure that you have a great WordPress enterprise hosting solution in Cloudways.

One of the most preferred features of Cloudways hosting is that you will get round-the-clock support services. You can even opt for the Advanced support add-on that will ensure that you will have priority support whenever you need it. They offer free migration services, which will let you move your site from any other hosting service without hassles.


  • Superior site performance with latest versions of PHP and Apache and Nginx as web servers.
  • Built-in cache and CDN services to ensure the best experience for your users.
  • Advanced security features including a dedicated firewall, automated backups, SSL, IP whitelisting, etc.
  • Smooth options like Block Storage and single-click App Install to scale your site effortlessly.
  • Along with 24/7 support also make use of the extensive knowledge base to manage your site efficiently.
  • Unlimited staging area, SFTP access, and smooth task distribution to help site owners.

You will find plans starting from $10 per month with Cloudways.


Bluehost is one of the most popular options to build and grow your WordPress site. Along with a hosting service that ensures optimum speed Bluehost also offers SEO, marketing, and social media tools. You will be able to manage everything from the centralized dashboard of Bluehost. The security of your site will be ensured with free SSL and several other features.

Bluehost offers a managed WordPress hosting service with an exceptional focus on security and marketing.

WP Pro from Bluehost ensures that your site will perform at an optimized level all the time as they are powered by advanced solid-state drives (SSDs). The comprehensive marketing center provides you with content improvement recommendations and even helps in keyword selection. You can also get access to several interesting themes when you opt for the WP Pro plan of Bluehost.


  • Unlimited web storage that allows you to host your site without worrying over data storage issues.
  • No traffic limits or overage charges as you can scale your site hassle-free.
  • Servers that use SSDs for faster page loads and overall better site performance.
  • CDN and multi-layer caching to ensure exceptional page load speed.
  • Spam protection and free SSL to ensure the security of your website.
  • Features like instant WordPress install, staging environment, and auto-updates to ensure a smooth WordPress experience.

The basic plan starts at $19.95 per month, which has features like daily scheduled backups, malware detection, etc.


With several advanced features like super-charged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers, Hostgator promises great site performance. Their cloud hosting services ensure that your website content is managed most efficiently. Moreover, a very user-friendly control panel ensures that you can manage different aspects of your site simply.

Hostgator is one of the most reliable options among the Best WordPress Hosting Providers currently available.

Hostgator also makes sure that your site is protected all the time from malware, viruses, and hackers. Moreover, you will find free SSL and automated daily backups when you choose one of their plans. You can purchase additional security options to offer protection against spam and domain registration identity theft.


  • Overall great performance with advanced caching and CDN.
  • Easily manage different aspects of your site like email account management and database restores from a centralized panel.
  • Monitor and control resource allocation and used it effectively.
  • Access to themes and plugins to make your WordPress experience smooth.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.

The Starter plan is available for $5.95 per month.


Liquid Web, in association with Nexcess, offers one of the best-managed WordPress hosting services. You will be able to get better flexibility and performance and can scale your site easily while using this service. They allow you to choose a plan according to your current requirement and will be able to choose a bigger plan as per your needs. You can expect a secure, stable environment to host your site when you opt for Liquid Web. Moreover, they offer dependable support service from an excellent team whenever you need help.

Liquid Web offers an advanced technology stack and great support to be one of the best WordPress hosting providers at the moment.

The customers of Liquid Web will vouch for the quality of their infrastructure and continuous monitoring to ensure site security. Moreover, they reduce risk and optimize site performance to offer a safe and smooth experience to users. The price for the Personal plan is $29 per month.


  • The hosting platform is built on advanced technology with PHP version 7, and Nginx.
  • Unlimited access for site owners to the servers, unlike several other hosting providers.
  • No traffic limits or overage charges.
  • Automated daily backups and free SSL.
  • Staging site to test any updates to your site.
  • Fully managed WordPress service that will even take care of regular updates.
  • Developer tools are available.

Scala Hosting

Every WooCommerce user knows why E-Commerce websites are not suited for shared hosting: shared IP addresses, resources, and limitations; low security and performance are just a few of the reasons. Managed VPS is on the other end, and it gives pretty much everything a business website might need, but until recently, it was costly.

Here comes ScalaHosting, challenging the industry giants by providing a fully managed cloud SSD VPS, with a control panel, daily backups, cybersecurity, 24/7 live technical support, and more starting at $12 per month.

Scala Hosting helps your site with great performance all the time.

How they do it? This company is more into software development rather than into infrastructure. They develop in-house everything, from a cPanel alternative called CPanel to an award-winning cybersecurity real-time protection called SShield. Thanks to their technological independence, their prices for managed Cloud are unbeatable worldwide.


If you are looking for a powerful WordPress hosting service that is relatively easy to manage, check out SiteGround. They offer managed WordPress hosting services for websites of all sizes and scope. The automated WordPress installation will help you get your site up in a matter of minutes. Moreover, they also offer free WordPress migration services as well.

SiteGround offers affordable plans for managed WordPress hosting.

The intuitive user interface, combined with a range of advanced features, makes SiteGround one of the most preferred hosting services. Several of their customers and industry experts vouch for the quality of SiteGround’s WordPress hosting services. The StartUp plan has a special price of $3.95 per month, for which you will get all essential WordPress features.


  • A comprehensive WordPress hosting plan with optimum site performance and resource usage.
  • Free CDN, powerful caching, and image optimization for excellent site performance.
  • Security of the site is managed at server and application levels.
  • Daily automated backups as well as on-demand backups upon a single click.
  • Create unlimited email accounts and get a free spam prevention service.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Staging site to test your updates and developer toolkit for smooth workflows.

WP Engine

This is one of the popular managed WordPress hosting services that will help you build a fast and secure WordPress site. You will be able to maintain your site without stress and will be able to develop smooth workflows thanks to their reliable technology stack. When you choose one of their packages, you will be able to get access to several interesting WordPress themes. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, you will be able to find a suitable plan of your choice.

The price of the Startup package, which will be suitable for a small website or blog, is $22.50 per month. This includes Genesis framework, over 35 themes, and round-the-clock support.

WP Engine stands out among the best WordPress hosting providers with reliable architecture and world-class partnerships.


  • Advanced security solution and distributed global CDN.
  • A developer-friendly environment with Git and SFTP connections for customization and updates.
  • Continuous performance monitoring and improvements with integrated page speed tool and Google Analytics.
  • Partnership with several leading WordPress integration services like Google, Amazon, Cloudflare, etc.


GreenGeeks offers a fast, reliable, and eco-friendly hosting service that you can use for your WordPress site. They have several different plans from which you can choose the most suitable one according to your hosting requirements. With global data centers and round-the-clock customer support, your site will potentially have uninterrupted uptime. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, as they put power back in the grid in the form of renewable energy.

GreenGeeks is among the best WordPress hosting providers thanks to the reliable technology stack and commitment to renewable energy.

You will easily find a suitable hosting plan for your website with all the essential features along with advanced options for security and performance. Moreover, you will get free domain registration and website migration when opting for one of their plans. The Lite plan, perfect for small websites and blogs, is priced at $2.95 per month.


  • Unlimited SSD web space and data transfer options.
  • PHP7 MariaDB and free CDN to ensure the best page load speed for your website.
  • Easy options to scale computing resources based on your growing requirements.
  • Dependable security protocols and same-day vulnerability fixes.
  • Stable hosting platform with daily backups, continuous monitoring, and other advanced security features.
  • Reliable support service from a team of expert professionals over chat, phone, or by raising a customer support ticket.

InMotion Hosting

With an expert team behind the managed WordPress hosting service of InMotion Hosting, you will find a stable and secure experience. You can make use of pre-installed WordPress or can use their free migration service to get started with your WordPress site. They offer an advanced technology stack that enables your site to be fast and stable. Moreover, security and updates are managed efficiently by their expert team.

InMotion hosting is a unique option among the best WordPress hosting providers with reliable infrastructure and easy to use control panel.

There are several different pricing plans available to suit diverse business needs. For a small blog or website, you can use the WP-1000S plan that will cost you $6.99 per month.


  • The advanced technology stack includes free SSD storage, PHP7, Nginx, and free CDN.
  • Best managed WordPress service with pre-installed WordPress, automatic updates, backups, WP-CLI integration, etc.
  • Free domain.
  • Access to several interesting themes and page templates.
  • Easy options to schedule backups and restore them when you need them.
  • Plugins to help you with image optimization and SEO.
  • Automatic update options for your WordPress as well as themes and plugins.
  • Great security features including free SSL, web application firewall, malware, and spam protection, etc.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers comprehensive and reliable WordPress hosting plans to host your website without hassles. They use a signature SwiftServer platform with exceptionally fast Turbo servers to ensure superior page load speed. Moreover, they have global data centers to serve content without latency. In addition, you will get advanced security features like free SSL to ensure that your site is safe.

A2 Hosting offers a superior technology stack and advanced security features to provide you with a reliable and optimized WordPress hosting experience.

Overall, A2 Hosting combines advanced technology with expert optimization to ensure that your site performs at high speed at all times. For a small website, their Lite package will be appropriate with prices starting at $3.92 per month.


  • Turbo servers offer the best hosting experience for your WordPress site.
  • Great performance boost with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress built into the server, which in fact contributes to faster page load speeds compared to other services.
  • Pre-installed WordPress and additional managed services to ensure stable and optimized performance continuously.
  • Thanks to the better performance of the servers, you can expect better search engine rankings for your website.
  • Latest versions of PHP, Apaches, etc., and developer-friendly tools like FTP and SFTP along with SSH access.
  • Extensive security features including dual firewall, brute force defense, HackScan, DDoS protection, etc.


GoDaddy offers a simple option to choose a managed WordPress hosting option for your website. They offer a range of plans that will help you choose one that is most suitable for your business needs. Moreover, they promise continuous uptime with a money-back guarantee. The CDN Boost service offers exceptional page loading speed as well. Furthermore, you will get a business email for the first year.

GoDaddy offers a great WordPress hosting plan that will help you build a high-performing site.

The managed WordPress hosting plan comes with pre-installed WordPress as well as one-click migration, which will be a great option for beginners. They also offer automatic updates for WordPress core as well as security features. You will also find round-the-clock support as well as several developer-friendly features like SFTP access.


  • Load-balanced servers and clustered server environment ensure that your site has the best performance, and is always ready to scale.
  • Managed service with pre-installed WordPress, automatic backups, and updates.
  • Exceptional security features with malware scan and removal.
  • Search engine optimization plugin to ensure that your site is detected by Google.
  • A large number of plugins and themes help you manage your site more efficiently.
  • Dependable support that offers help 24/7.


Hostinger offers a secure hosting plan that you can consider for your website. They offer a simple setup, where even beginners can manage to get their site up and running easily. The one-click WordPress installation will surely help in setting up everything fast. You will also find LiteSpeed caching and optimization that will ensure continuous high performance for your website. Moreover, they have a reliable support team that offers expert support whenever you need it.

Hostinger offers affordable plans to help you set up a high-performing WordPress site.

There are different pricing plans available for hosting services with options for cloud and VPS as well.


  • Easy to use control panel that will help even beginners set up a website easily.
  • One-click WordPress installation and advanced optimization to ensure your site is stable.
  • Provides an option to maintain a fast website that will help create exceptional user experiences.
  • Easily upgrade your requirements as your website grows.
  • Support services available on chat round the clock.


iPage offers all things you need to create a functional WordPress website. You will find advanced features and even a free domain name to get started. They will assist you to build a search engine-friendly website that will also provide a superior experience for your users. They also offer exceptional security features including a custom firewall. Moreover, you will get exceptional support services from a knowledgeable team.

iPage offers a reliable hosting service with advanced features for your WordPress site.

You will customize the control panel and pre-installed themes and plugins with their WordPress plans. The WP Starter pack will cost you $3.75 per month.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage options.
  • Get professional domain name free for the first year.
  • Drag and drop website builder and free business email available.
  • Improve the performance of your website with an in-built analytics tool with your hosting account.
  • Free SSL certificate and 24-hour support.


Site5 offers a range of hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Their plans also include free migrations, disaster recovery backups, and round-the-clock support. You will be able to manage your account information through a simple interface. They offer continuous uptime and a money-back guarantee within the first 45 days of installation. There are advanced features like automatic daily backup, malware scan, etc to offer you peace of mind.

Site 5 offers a hosting service with a lot of developer-friendly features.

There are several different plans to choose from according to the requirement of your business. The basic plan starts from $7.65 per month.


  • Great technology infrastructure to offer a reliable hosting experience for your WordPress site.
  • Superior security features with automated backups and malware protection.
  • Offers a great environment to set up an eCommerce store.
  • In-built analytics tool to understand site performance.

We hope this article has provided you with some essential details on the best WordPress hosting providers available currently in the market. Leave us a comment to share your insights.

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