Great startup SEO directory list - Boost your buissines in 2021

Great eCommerce Startup SEO Directory List – Boost your business in 2021

Great startup SEO directory list – Boost your business

Great startups always start with promoting their ideas, in the end, startups are here because of that. To change the world with their better ideas. But what happens is that without their ideas, their story .. our startups are nothing. And there we can see and find a need for social, SEO, and SEM bosting.

We continuously curate this directory list to only show you currently active sites.

Reddit – SideprojectsSub-reddit exclusively for showcasing side projects.Do-FollowExcellentLow
Reddit – Small BusinessSub-reddit exclusively for small business owners.Do-FollowExcellentLow
Reddit – StartupsSub-reddit exclusively for showcasing startups.Do-FollowExcellentLow
Reddit – Design CritiquesGet constructive criticism for your product design.Do-FollowExcellentVery Low
Reddit – IndiebizSub-reddit exclusively for indie biz owners.Do-FollowExcellentVery Low
Reddit – Roast my startupGet constructive criticism for your startup.Do-FollowExcellentVery Low
MashableGlobal, multi-platform media and entertainment company.Do-FollowExcellentVery Low
HackernewsThe active community of hackers and entrepreneurs.Do-FollowExcellentLow
AlternativeToLets you find apps and software by recommending alternatives.No-FollowExcellentVery High
CrunchBaseDatabase of startups and companies.No-FollowExcellentVery High
Product HuntCuration of the best new products, every day.Do-FollowExcellentVery High
SlantProduct recommendation community.No-FollowExcellentVery High
AngelListPlatform to find startup jobs, invest in a startup, or raise money.No-FollowExcellentVery High
Addictive TipsProvides tech tips to make you smarter.Do-FollowVery GoodVery Low
Your StoryThe definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs-related stories.No-FollowVery GoodHigh
Alternative.meSource of better software alternatives.No-FollowVery GoodVery High
StackShareThe best Open Source & Software as a Service (SaaS) tools in one place.No-FollowVery GoodVery High
F6SA network where founders get deals, recruit and apply for funding.Do-FollowVery GoodVery High
SitelikeFind similar websites, competitors, and related sites.No-FollowVery GoodVery High
Designer NewsShare your product design and collect feedback.No-FollowVery GoodVery High
Indie HackersWork Together to Build Profitable Online Businesses.Do-FollowVery GoodVery High
GustA place to start, grow and fund your venture.Do-FollowVery GoodVery High
ShowMeLocalYellow pages and local business directory.No-FollowGoodVery High
ListlyCurate and publish great lists on Listly and your website.No-FollowGoodVery High
iGlobal (New)Online directory for businesses and professionals.No-FollowGoodVery High
PostscapesTrends from the connected economy.No-FollowGoodVery High
e27Connecting you to Asia’s Startup and Tech Ecosystem.Do-FollowGoodVery High
Land-bookAwesome websites to help creatives find inspiration & motivation.No-FollowGoodHigh
Index.coTrack updates from startups of your interest.Do-FollowGoodVery High
Web Design InspirationWe find and showcase the best web design inspirations and trends.No-FollowGoodHigh
ActiveSearchResultsIndependent Internet Search Engine.Do-FollowGoodVery High
SpokeDiscover relevant business information.No-FollowGoodVery High
LandingfolioThe best landing page design inspiration, templates, resources, and more.Do-FollowGoodHigh
SaaSHubThe independent software marketplace. Software alternatives and reviews.Do-FollowGoodVery High
VentureRadarDiscover the innovators and disruptors.Do-FollowGoodHigh
SpringwiseGlobal source for innovation intelligence.Do-FollowGoodVery Low
Tech PlutoPlatform to uncover and showcase innovative and disruptive startups.No-FollowGoodVery Low
WebwikiWeb-based platform for consumers to find trustworthy websites.No-FollowGoodVery High
StartupxploreInvest in tech startups that want to keep growing.No-FollowGoodVery High
BetaPageCommunity of tech lovers and early adopters.No-FollowGoodAverage
Topio NetworksDiscover relevant business information.No-FollowAverageVery Low
Killer StartupsA place for internet entrepreneurs.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
Launching NextShowcases the world’s most promising new startups every day.No-FollowAverageLow
Startup TrackerDiscover and track startups from MVP to IPO.Do-FollowAverageVery High
SideProjectorsFriendly marketplace to sell and buy interesting side projects.Do-FollowAverageLow
SnapMunkInsights and Entertainment regarding technology.Non-ExistentAverageVery High
TechDirectoryGlobal online technology directory for tech companies and innovations.No-FollowAverageVery High
AppRaterThe latest and greatest apps are curated for you.Do-FollowAverageVery High
BetafyExplore new products and opportunities.Do-FollowAverageVery High
BigStartupsGlobal networking platform for startups, members, and startup communities.Do-FollowAverageVery High
BrownBookThe free Global Business Listing Database that anyone can edit.No-FollowAverageVery High
Get WormDiscover new startups and get exclusive early bird offers.Do-FollowAverageVery High
Growing PagePromote your website for free.No-FollowAverageVery High
InnMindFirst Global Community for Innovation.No-FollowAverageVery High
LocalmoteBusiness Marketing Platform.No-FollowAverageVery High
MagnittThe place where VCs and Entrepreneurs come together.Do-FollowAverageVery High
OwwlyFind the best digital products & learn from makers like you.Do-FollowAverageVery High
PrefundiaSubmit your projects and more.Do-FollowAverageVery High
PromoteProjectShowcase your creations to the world.Do-FollowAverageVery High
SmartMoneyMatchConnecting the global investment community.Do-FollowAverageVery High
StartitUpStartup Guide with step-by-step action items.Do-FollowAverageVery High
Startup Costs (New)Many startups and side projects bravely share their monthly running costs.Do-FollowAverageVery High
Startup EuropeThe biggest EU Directory for Innovative Startups.Do-FollowAverageVery High
Startup RouletteStartup discovery platform with a twist.Do-FollowAverageVery High
StartupListerDiscover and share new startups.Do-FollowAverageVery High
StartupsGalaxyDiscover startups, book spaces, and get services.Do-FollowAverageVery High
The TechMapThe window to your local tech scene. Find startups, professionals, etc.Do-FollowAverageVery High
Trendy StartupsDiscover startups and blogging. Expedite your Startup and share the blog post.Do-FollowAverageVery High
UNLTDFind any business anywhere.No-FollowAverageVery High
Yalwa (New)Find over 17,000,000 local businesses.No-FollowAverageVery High
Your StackFind the best apps & products recommended by top designers & developers.No-FollowAverageVery High
Crazy About StartupsInnovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.Do-FollowAverageVery High
10wordsDiscover new apps and startups in 10 words or less.Do-FollowAverageHigh
CSS LightStunning platform to showcase and promote new talents and trends in the world of designing.Do-FollowAverageHigh
Startup InspireInspiration Gallery for startups.Do-FollowAverageAverage
LaunchedHelps you discover the latest products launched.Do-FollowAverageAverage
Pageam InspireExplore, share, and get inspired by beautifully designed landing pages.Do-FollowAverageAverage
StartupBaseDiscover and get early access to exciting startups.Do-FollowAverageAverage
Startup BufferPremium startup directory.No-FollowAverageLow
AppiodApps & information about industry, development, and technology.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
Apps ListoOnline Magazine focusing on Apps Review, Development & News.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
Apps MammaOnline Apps Review Magazine focusing on Parent Apps.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
Apps MirrorOnline Magazine focusing on App Market & Technology.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
AppsThunderApp Review Blog focusing on iPhone, iPad, Android Apps.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
AppsTimesNews, stories related to apps, app development & the Indian app industry.Do-FollowAverageVery Low
Startup CollectionsResources and tools for starters.No-FollowAverageVery Low
Web App RaterExpert Reviews – Web, iOS Apps, Android Apps.No-FollowAverageVery Low
Also, we will submit your startup to this list if meets the condition:
EdexyNo-FollowAverageVery High– Only for Middle East startups/companies.
Fintech CanadaNo-FollowAverageVery High– Only for Canadian startups/companies.
InsurTechDo-FollowAverageVery High– Only for insurance-related startups.
MerchantCircleNo-FollowVery GoodVery High– Only for USA startups/companies.
N49No-FollowGoodVery High– Only for USA, Canada & United Kingdom startups/companies.
Rapide-EntreprisesDo-FollowAverageVery High– Only for french startups/companies.
Start-up Nation FinderDo-FollowGoodVery High– Only for Israeli startups/companies.
Startups WatchDo-FollowAverageVery High– Only for Turkish startups.
StartupStashNo-FollowGoodVery High– Only for tools that are used by startups (Ex: live chat, CRM, etc).
AppAggNo-FollowGoodHigh– Only for Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo Store apps.
Awardo (New)Do-FollowAverageHigh– Only for software startups/companies.
chainEuropeDo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for Blockchain startups.
ChangelogDo-FollowGoodHigh– Only for developer-related startups.
CuriousCheckNo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for software startups/companies.
EU-StartupsNon-ExistentGoodHigh– Only for European startups.
G2No-FollowExcellentHigh– Only for software startups/companies.
GrowthJunkieDo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for Growth Marketing Tools.
MyFrenchStartupDo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for French startups.
Remote ToolsNo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for SaaS.
SaaS CommunityDo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for SaaS startups/companies.
SourceForgeNon-ExistentExcellentHigh– Only for software startups/companies.
SpectacleDo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for startups with video.
Tool SaladNo-FollowAverageHigh– Only for marketing tools.
Trust RadiusDo-FollowVery GoodHigh– Only for software startups/companies.
UplabsDo-FollowVery GoodHigh– Only for design resources targeted to designers, creative agencies, and developers.
MantaDo-FollowVery GoodHigh– Only for USA startups/companies.
AppsAndReportsNo-FollowAverageAverage– Only for SaaS.
CrozDeskNo-FollowGoodAverage– Only for SaaS.
GeekwireNo-FollowVery GoodAverage– Only for located in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia.
Virtual MojitoNo-FollowAverageAverage– Only for remote work and productivity tools.
Reddit – Alpha & Beta UsersDo-FollowExcellentVery Low– Only for startups in Alpha or Beta.
Reddit – CouponsDo-FollowExcellentVery Low– Only for startups with coupons or offers.
Reddit – Lady BusinessDo-FollowExcellentVery Low– Only for women startups.
Reddit – ProgrammingDo-FollowExcellentVery Low– Only for products that help programmers.
All Startups InfoDo-FollowAverageVery Low– Not older than 5 years.
– Mandatory English.
CapterraDo-FollowExcellentVery Low– Only for business apps.
NettedDo-FollowAverageVery Low– Only for B2C startups.
BetaboundDo-FollowGoodTesting– Only for startups with the beta product.
Beta listDo-FollowGoodTesting– Only for beta startups.
CnetDo-FollowExcellentTesting– Only for software downloads.
Mobile App DailyNo-FollowGoodTesting– Only for mobile apps, app development companies, and app marketing agencies.
Startup ResourcesDo-FollowAverageTesting– Only for tools that are used by startups (Ex: live chat, CRM, etc).
Web Designer NewsNo-FollowGoodTesting– Only for web design startups.

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