Ongoing Support and Conversion Optimisation


The Complete CRO Audit


Everything you need to know to improve conversion rates across every marketing campaign.

The complete CRO audit is perfect for fast-growing companies investing in inbound, outbound, or product marketing with a strong internal marketing team. Our experts will audit everything and create a step-by-step report you can action immediately. The process is split into two parts:

The Complete Analysis Of Everything

Every CRO project starts here. We’ll review everything you’re already doing, get to know how your customers talk and think about you, and find out exactly how you fit in your market.

Our team will dive into:

Data tracking.

Review your setup and make sure all relevant data points are tracked, collected, and cataloged properly.

Team perception.

Get to know exactly how you and your team think and talk about your product and business.

Quantitative research.

Run heatmaps and interpret analytics data to determine how leads and customers interact with your marketing.

Qualitative research.

Run visitor and customer surveys, interviews, and a full-scale behavioral analysis.

Website UX and heuristic analysis.

Identify the design and technical flaws creating friction.

Competitor analysis.

Understand your place in the market and the tactics currently used by others vying for the same piece of the pie.

The Complete CRO Action Plan

All the qualitative and quantitative research is distilled into one actionable, prioritized report you start using immediately to increase conversions across the board.

The report goes wide and deep at the same time: we outline exactly what you need to do to fix friction-causing technical issues, reduce the bounce rate, create an unforgettable user experience and achieve your business goals.

Everything you need to grow, in one place

That’s the ultimate promise behind the Complete CRO Audit. It’s how hundreds of companies have increased conversions and grown revenue while reducing the cost of acquisition. So if you’re ready to grow — and want to do it as efficiently as possible — this report is the right place to start.

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