Why do we need to be eco-friendly ?

Why do we need to be eco-friendly ?

Many people ask the question of why should we be eco-friendly and the answer is simple it is about the economy. The Eco-Friendly economy is one that is based on sustainable practices such as active and passive income, value-based pricing, community goods and services, fair trade, and responsibility-oriented development. It also involves ensuring the health and well-being of human communities and our environment. The success of the Eco-Friendly economy will result in the widespread development of new and improved goods and services which in turn will generate new economic wealth.


The term eco-friendly economy stands for a group of economic practices that are friendly to human health, the natural environment, and the economic development of local and global citizens. In most cases these practices are not driven by personal gain but rather by shared community needs and interests. Therefore, eco-friendly products and services include fair trade practices, access to quality education and training, equal opportunity for employment and promotion, and assistance for those who are disadvantaged or at risk. Why should we be eco-friendly? The reasons are many and the solutions are numerous but all will play a role in ensuring the well being and economic growth of humans and planet earth.


The environment can be assessed in terms of its ecological integrity. This is the ratio of trees to shrubs, grass to shrubs and species to animal life. When assessing an eco-friendly environment the ratio of trees to shrubs, grass to shrubs, and various other plant species to animal life should be at least 3.35 or more. Shrubs and grasses make up the major part of the earth’s vegetation and play an important part in providing food, water and a habitat for many other creatures. Species like koalas, emus, platypuses, and rats form a significant part of the earth’s fauna and should be included in any assessments of eco-friendly communities.


How does an assessment of the environment work? An ecopsychologist views an eco-friendly environment as having a balance between people, nature, and the environment. It also means that physical aspects such as soil, water, land, wildlife, and forests are maintained in their natural state. There are three dimensions to sustainable development; economic, social and ecological.


Why are some people considered eco-friendly? There are several reasons why an individual or group might consider being eco-friendly. Some environmentalists choose to go this route because of the impact it has on global warming. Global warming is considered one of the biggest threats to the world in today’s era and being eco-friendly helps reduce carbon emissions. The reduction of carbon emissions results in a decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) levels and consequently, global warming. Reducing carbon emissions results in lessening the amount of methane and other gases that are released into the atmosphere and this decreases the risk of the planet becoming overheated.


Another reason why some groups consider being eco-friendly is because they want to save the planet. A person who considers themselves eco-friendly is one who practices conservation, reuse, recycle, or protects the environment. Conservation involves reusing materials, recycling, and protecting the environment.


What can we do to help reduce carbon emissions? Individuals and organizations can start by making some changes to their lifestyle and being eco-friendly. This includes refraining from throwing plastics, newspapers, and other forms of waste materials in their trash bins and using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. By making small changes to their way of life they are taking the first step in becoming more eco-friendly.


The reason why environmental issues are important to us is because they affect everyone. Studies show that people living in industrialized nations have high levels of toxins in the air and in the water, and this affects the health of everyone. The same thing happens in developing nations. Eco-friendly people have a lower risk of suffering from diseases caused by toxins in the air and in the water, which are a major concern in these areas. Thus, it is clear to see why eco-friendly people should make their lifestyles changes and contribute to becoming more eco-friendly.


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