Wwhy Matomo or Piwik.js detected as malware in Google Ads in 2022

Wwhy Matomo or Piwik.js detected as malware in Google Ads in 2022

Antivirus programs or malware checkers or Google Ads claim that matomo.js or piwik.js are malware, what can I do?

On rare occasions, it has happened that a particular Antivirus program maker, or a Malware detection tool, mistakenly claims that the Matomo JavaScript tracking code is malware.

When this happens, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Visitors browsing the website(s) using Matomo may see messages from their antivirus or malware check tools for example `Malware was detected in the following file and it has been removed.`
  • Google Ads campaigns may be blocked and stop running and Google asking to remove the Matomo JavaScript tracking code.

As the Matomo creators, we guarantee that the original JavaScript tracker file does not have any malware.

When you’re experiencing this issue, please contact us to let us know about the issue. We will help you with the next steps.

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