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Who we are

We are a creative collective of seasoned brand designers, developers and marketing experts with vast experience in delivering tailor-made solutions for your businesses of all size, shape or trade.


Success based on trust

We encourage our clients to move from “We need this” attitude to “What can you can do to achieve our best results” attitude. We want to help you achieve best final results and establish long-term cooperation with you and we are ready to work hard for it. So we promote trust in a way to make great relationships. Contact us for any question 


We connect your business with technology to achieve best results


We combine standard shared hosting platforms with cloud based scalable system for your web and mobile apps.


Our team is providing web development services and support that will help your business grow and expand rapidly.


The Cloud Industry team exists to provide support as businesses like yours navigate through complex jungles of Web Design and UI/UX.


Cloud-industry offers a unique ecommerce solutions and platforms that are adjusted to your activities and business, while professional, safe and easy to use.


Our marketing consultants specialise in understanding your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase.


The most valuable thing that a company must build in order to survive is the brand or the value of a given brand in the market.


Elaboration of design

The question is what should it contain to effectively communicate your message, and how should its design and content reflect your target group’s taste. The Cloud Industry helps you reach an informed decision about the type and elements of a web site that would propel your business. We are not just another company that creates pretty websites – we make them pretty and make them work for you.

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USA Offices: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, United States

Europe Offices: Zemun, Serbia


US  (302) 797-8480

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