/usr/bin/kcarectl -q --auto-update: The IP was already used for a trial license

Issues and how to solve KernelCare update on Cpanel

Sometimes you may receive a cron notification on your server with the following where IPAddress is your servers public IP and YYYY-MM-DD is the year, month, and day:


The xxxxxxxx was already used for a trial license on YYYY-MM-DD

This problems popups sometimes when KernelCare is not licensed and is not enabled for a trial license, you will receive this notification when the following cronjob runs:

So check cron and you will see that there is cron job set up there.

# cat /etc/cron.d/kcare-cron
14 */4 * * * root /usr/bin/kcarectl -q --auto-update

To resolve this problem, best is to purchase a KernelCare license or uninstall with command

yum remove kernelcare

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